Rent a furniture lift for your move

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Rent a furniture lift for your move

Planning on moving and not comfortable with the idea of ​​moving your furniture? Today we are talking about a solution that could make your job easier: the furniture lift. Besides helping you haul bulky and heavy furniture, we’ll see that it can save you time as well as money.

Let’s see under what conditions to rent a furniture lifter and what precautions to take to make your move go smoothly!

1. What are the advantages of renting a furniture lift?

Save time and money

You have probably already experienced it during a previous change of address, time is very precious on such a day. If the distance allows it, everything must be completed during the day and it is preferable not to have to unload at night to avoid any unnecessary risk.

This reduces the cost of renting the truck, you don’t have to ask your employer for an extra day or ask your relatives to come back the next day.

Using a furniture lift allows you to do it all in one day. If you have to spend two days there during your move, you will have to pay more for the rental of the truck and accumulate fatigue (especially if it is done without a lift), which creates more risk of damaging your fragile goods by them. moving.

Once installed, the furniture lift saves you precious time. And the more floors you have, the more time you save! We strongly recommend that you hire a furniture lift if your apartment is located beyond the second floor without a lift.

Save on labor

Even if the labor is more expensive than the device for this type of intervention, combining the help of professional movers and the rental of a furniture lift will be a real time saver and will save you on the price of your final service.

This is because you will need less labor for a shorter period of time and you will require less effort.

Carry large and/or heavy objects

For certain goods such as the grand piano, you will have no choice: if your stairwell is too cramped, or the access to your home goes through narrow corridors with tight bends, then the furniture lift is obligatory. This is very often the case when moving to the Paris region because the buildings there are generally old.

Upright piano, sofa, billiard table, safe, sofa, jacuzzi, American fridge … Anything that goes through your apartment window and patio door can be moved using the furniture lift. Otherwise, these heavy items are painful to carry, and accidents while transporting them up the stairs are to be expected.

Likewise, if you are a collector or tend to accumulate items, the furniture lift is essential. Take the example of a beautifully stocked library of your finest encyclopedias.

Keep in mind that book boxes are a nightmare because they are extremely heavy; their transport and movement will therefore be difficult without material assistance such as a lifting device.

Preserve your furniture

Less handling means fewer scratches, dents, and another stigma from displacement. Thanks to the furniture lift, you take less risk of damaging your furniture, but also your walls and floors.

Secure the move

The furniture lifter will allow you to do less handling, which considerably reduces the risk of injury to yourself, but also the risk of damaging your furniture, as well as the common areas of the building.

The more distances and obstacles you extend, the more you are exposed to incidents and even accidents. Either way, it’s a good solution to spare your back, that of your friends, or those of the movers.

How do I hire a furniture lift? What are the steps to follow ?

Note that a furniture lifter is systematically rented with its technician, he will ensure that the loading is carried out correctly and he will take care of making it work safely.

If you do not go through a company, you will need to apply for the parking permit yourself for your move. To do this, you should contact the town hall or the police station in your neighborhood one to two weeks before the day of the intervention to ask them to reserve places.

Plan two parking spaces on which you will place a few days before a sign specifying the D-day so that no one can park there. The furniture lift hire company can lend you the necessary signage, sometimes also your town hall or the police station.

Try to prepare boxes and packages that will easily stick on the furniture lifter. There is no question of performing a balancing act with improperly filled boxes or rounded packaging. And apart from the advice he can provide you, cardboard is not the job of the technician who comes to manage the installation and handling of the lifting device.

So plan ahead and optimize the back and forth movements of the machine as much as possible!

Renting a furniture lift can cost you, but will save you time, and considerably reduce labor. Don’t hesitate to make your job easier, you have everything to gain.

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