How To Prepare Your Move Efficiently With Peace of Mind in Randburg

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How To Prepare Your Move Efficiently With Peace of Mind in Randburg

Anticipating a particular move or your business transfer will avoid any stress and unpleasant surprises. A move is being prepared a few months before. One of the first things to do is to organize and store your belongings strategically.

Then group together all the things you want to take to your new places. For those you do not want to take, we offer our storage services. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns. To answer this, we provide you with some advice for successful Randburg mobility.

The checklist: your essential partner

You must, at least 3 months before your move, give leave to your landlord, find out about the places available in nurseries and schools if you have children.

It is also important to estimate the volume to be moved very quickly in order to have a precise idea of ​​the cost of your move.

Start at least a month before your boxes and packing your stuff. Before leaving your home, it is also essential to forward your mail and declare your new address to your energy (electricity and gas) and telephone suppliers.

What steps to take for a move, who to notify?

In order to be able to move quickly, remember to complete all administrative procedures and mail transfers before moving day.

Your change of address must be made with several organizations, suppliers, and administrative papers: CPAM, Caf, taxes, bank, insurance, gas, water service, internet, registration document, etc. If you are a tenant, inform your landlord by respecting the 1 to 3 months’ notice and schedule an inventory with the latter before handing over the keys.

If you have children, also change schools if necessary. Also, consult your collective agreement to find out if it provides for one or more days of leave for relocation. In addition, you can apply for financial assistance for your move and depending on your situation.


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