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Furniture Transport

During a move, it is often necessary to take care of the transport of furniture. What are the costs for a simple movable transport? Find out how to save money to move your furniture safely and without hurting yourself, thanks to the professionals in the sector.

What are the prices of furniture transport?

When you move, moving heavy furniture is often one of the most boring and complicated parts. Depending on the type of furniture transport, but also the type of furniture (fragile, precious among others), it is recommended to call in professionals to help you.

Why use professional movers?

Indeed, they are equipped with suitable and qualified moving equipment for any movable transport. It is very easy for them to take care of and move your furniture safely.

How to calculate the cost to transport some furniture?

The movable transport is managed by the movers within the framework of the move of your residence. However, if you need to move only a few pieces of furniture, it is useful to know the average cost of moving furniture.

Generic price estimates are difficult to determine. Indeed, prices vary depending on several factors such as volume, city, and distance to travel.

How is the transport of furniture organized?

You have several options for loose transport. If it is a piece of furniture, you can choose to move it on your own by renting a van. But you can also contact specialized mover like us. In the latter case, the deadlines are slightly longer, from 7 to 10 days depending on the distance.

Furniture lift rental

If, on the other hand, you need to transfer all the furniture from an apartment or house, it is more advantageous to contact a specialized moving company.

Indeed, depending on your situation, it is sometimes necessary to rent a furniture lift to move your furniture or even a crane for certain very heavy objects such as a grand piano.

Valuable furniture

Your furniture, especially if it is valuable or of some value, requires proper protection and packaging and should be moved with care, which is not always easy when you move alone.

Professional movers are equipped with furniture transport straps, heavy furniture slider, protective covers and protective bubble wrap, to ensure safe handling and furniture transport.

Professional handling

A moving company assesses the right number of movers needed to complete your move. This allows for a faster turnaround time depending on the weight of your furniture, to optimize the execution of your move and lower costs for you.

Transport of furniture without injury

Handling and movable transport are not to be taken lightly, as much for the safety of your goods as for your own health. At the risk of incidents or persistent back pain over time.

Movable furniture via groupage transport:

Some specialized companies and moving companies offer the possibility of grouping several shipments with different senders and destinations, but within the same moving truck: groupage or “groupage transport”.

Reducing costs by optimizing these trips is important. It also generates less pollution, but precision and attention to detail are required during transportation.

Private furniture transporter:

Finally, you can also choose to use specific carriers or the community. In this case, you are fully responsible for any damage and often you do not have the opportunity to verify the skills of the person you hire.

This solution is only recommended for loose transport of low value or small volumes.

What are the steps for transporting furniture?

As with any move, the first step is to assess the volume of goods and furniture to be transported. This inspection or technical visit, carried out by the transporter/movers, determines the execution conditions for the movable transport.

It also helps determine the necessary protective equipment and packaging. This can be an on-site visit (preferably) or via Visio.

Why take a technical visit?

The movers take note of the difficulties in accessing your home on this occasion. They pay particular attention to your parking lot or features such as the absence of an elevator, to arrive ready on moving day.

Furniture transport for business?

If the move involves an entire office with the transport of machines or computers, files or photocopiers, report it to the movers so that they are equipped.

Protection and packaging before transporting furniture

The company will, if necessary, carry out the professional packaging of all furniture in the days preceding the move. So during transportation, shock and vibration will not cause damage. This step is important and also in the context of possible storage in a storage unit.

Cabinet mountable

The furniture is usually taken apart and the different parts (doors, shelves, drawers, sides and underside) packed separately. To carry out the furniture transport yourself and to disassemble them, make sure to reposition everything correctly. Remember to save the instructions or take pictures before you take them apart.


Be careful, when you remove the screws, one of the best solutions is to fix them with adhesive tape on a part of the furniture or to keep them in a special container.

Furniture renovation

Specialized companies are available for the reassembly and renovation of furniture. As well as for small carpentry jobs, if you need to adapt these to the size of the new home.

Bulky items collection

Furniture can only be collected and removed by authorized companies such as environmental managers, under penalty of a fine.

How to avoid damage during furniture transport?

It is important to make it very clear to employees which boxes contain fragile items and which items they should pay special attention to. The movers are experienced and completely used to adapting to the needs of the client.

Contact our experts now and save on the final cost of the move

Now that you have all the necessary information on transporting furniture, all you have to do is organize your move and contact our professionals for a first estimate.

All you need to do is complete the form via our service, indicating your postal code, and receive up to 3 quotes, completely free of charge and without obligation.

By comparing them, you can save up to 40% on the final cost of your move, while benefiting from a quality service provided by professionals in the Randburg sector.

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