Furniture Moving Steps

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Furniture Moving Steps

Preparing for your movable move is an opportunity to determine the level of service you need. When you move with a professional, there are several options available to you.

If you want to take care of the dismantling/reassembly as well as the packing/unpacking of the furniture, opt for a transport formula (basic). The more complete the formula, the more important the services offered by the movers. You can consult our article dedicated to the different moving formulas.

What are the operations to be carried out to prepare your furniture move?

Moving furniture: disassembly and reassembly

All the furniture is not assembled in the same way, it can be glued, pegged, or even clipped. For pegged furniture, start by removing the drawers, doors, shelves, and the cornice if necessary.

Then remove, from the inside to the outside, each ankle using a pin punch and a hammer. Once done, wedge the furniture against the wall and remove the rails one by one. The ideal is to disassemble your furniture in a methodical and organized way, in order to save time on arrival.

To do this, consider placing all the screws for each piece of furniture in a bag, which you will then tape to an element of the piece of furniture in question, which avoids losses and omissions during your furniture move.

In order to find the different parts of a piece of furniture, you can set up a color code. That is to say, apply a different colored patch for each piece of furniture, making it possible to recognize the elements of the same piece of furniture on delivery.

You can also associate the assembly instructions with each piece of furniture to be dismantled and thus avoid assembly problems for your furniture move.

Moving furniture: packing and unpacking

If you choose to pack and unpack the furniture, know that for large furniture, beds, or even wardrobes, the movers take care of this service. You, therefore, have small fragile furniture (dishes, trinkets) and not fragile (books, clothes) to take care of in the furniture removal.

Moving, packing, unpacking Badly packed items can quickly be damaged in a move, it is therefore important to pack your items piece by piece.

Once the furniture is packed, you have to assemble and fill the boxes. Note that some movers include in their price the delivery of boxes. For the filling, always remember to fill the boxes well. This technique will help prevent them from crashing during furniture removal because a well-filled box is stronger and keeps its shape better.

It is also necessary to write on each box its content and direction with an arrow, especially for fragile furniture. Moreover, for fragile objects such as glasses, prefer “barrels” cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

These boxes have the advantage of being compartmentalized and prevent objects from colliding during transport.

For your clothes, it is better to choose the hanging of your clothes on hangers. You can directly ask the mover for this type of service which prevents damage to your clothes during the moving of furniture.

In short, you have a choice in the services of movers. If you don’t have time to devote to your furniture move, the movers take care of the furniture preparation. Otherwise, with a transport formula, you have to carry out one or more stages of preparation for the move yourself.

For disassembly/reassembly, you must be organized and plan solutions for reassembly in advance. When it comes to packing/unpacking, proper boxing secures your furniture against the risk of breakage.

We can advise you on preparing for your move and help you choose the moving formula that best meets your needs. If your move is approaching, ask us for your moving quotes to have the choice between several qualified movers.

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